Job Description

Location: Carney Hospital
Posted Date: 3/19/2020


* - Serves as a champion for a safety culture where prevention of health care û associated infections(NAIs) is everyone's responsibility

* - Manages and negotiates competing agendas and priorities, while encouraging integration of prevention activities into the work of every department

* - Promotes effective team building by networking, marketing, relationship management, verbal and written communication skills and situational awareness


* - Provides expertise and exerts influence in the absence of direct or traditional authority by exhibiting strong critical thinking skills, passionate commitment to the mission, active engagement, positive energy and willingness to challenge leaders and other constructive feedback

Program Management

* - Aligns infection prevention program goals with the organizational strategic priorities

* - Oversees the budget and allocates personal and other resources to meet productivity standards and remain on budget

* - Ability to rapidly respond to shifts in regulatory and accreditation requirements or emergency scene through a flexible adaptive management style

* - Understands the economic environment, the impact of changing payment trends, quality bases incentives and how HAI's specifically erode the organization's financial health

* - Ability to forecast the need for new services that will change the workload and proactively identify resources required for success

* - Proficient at understanding, utilizing and synthesizing scientific evidence, including methods for translating evidence into practice


* - Serves as a role model demonstrating accountability and integrity and communicates the value of infection prevention to diverse audience to achieve desired outcomes

* - Communication is concise, accurate and timely and takes into account the audience's informational needs, their cultural background and knowledge of the subject

Infection Prevention

* - Subject matter expert in the epidemiology and natural history of infectious process and pathogens, recognition of clusters and risk factors for infection, and methods for breaking the chain of infection

* - Achieves and sustains core competences outlined in orientation check list which are deemed essential.

* - Demonstrates proficiency at understanding and selecting appropriate benchmarks for comparison, as well as literature review, supports a proactive approach to setting infection reduction targets and thresholds and ratios.

* - Displays data on run charts to establish general impressions of a measured process or outcome

* - Heads the organization in application and evaluation of basic institutional risk criteria such as that used in hazard vulnerability analysis

* - Provides constructive input into the physical design of patient care environments and establishing specifications for protective measures during construction and renovation

* - Provides input into new procedures and clinical technologies for patient care

* - Able to articulate advantages and disadvantages of complex testing methods that include: polymerase chain reactions, probe based tests for nucleic acid sequencing, molecular typing, and infection releases assays for tuberculosis detection

* - Provide surveillance for syndromes of interest implementing interventions to guide the delivery of evidence û based practice and translating data from anti-biograms and antibiotic utilization along with infection rates for health care personnel, units and administrative

* - Provides education that uses age-adjusted interactive warning techniques, simulation û based training clinical decision support tools ad "just in time" education will be significant additions to existing training competency

* - Able to critically evaluate research and apply the findings to the practice setting by interpreting research methodologies

* - Demonstrate use of surveillance technology, Meditech, excel, etc.

* - Demonstrates ability to validate report accuracy

* - Able to lead performance improvement teams by: identifying need for P1, assemblance of P1 team, skilled in tools and methods, measurements include baseline analysis, selection of targets etc.

* - Achieve and maintain certification in infection prevention and control through APIC

I. Education: Bachelor's degree in Nursing

II. Experience (Type & Length):Demonstrated experience in the nursing field.

III. Certification/Licensure: MA RN Licensure required. Infection Control Certification required.

Internal Posting: 01/16/2019-01/23/2019

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