Job Description

Location: Carney Hospital
Posted Date: 5/30/2024
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: $35.78 - $53.10 depending on experience
Department: 0401.53050 CARN Nuclear Medicine

About Steward Health Care
Over a decade ago, Steward Health Care System emerged as a different kind of health care company designed to usher in a new era of wellness. One that provides our patients better, more proactive care at a sustainable cost, our providers unrivaled coordination of care, and our communities greater prosperity and stability.
As the country's largest physician-led, minority-owned, integrated health care system, our doctors can be certain that we share their interests and those of their patients. Together we are on a mission to revolutionize the way health care is delivered - creating healthier lives, thriving communities and a better world.

Based in Dallas, Steward currently operates more than 30 hospitals across Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

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This is a Monday - Friday Day shift

Responsibilities & Standards

  1. Schedules patients for exams and perform all related data collection and entry functions as directed by departmental policy.

Schedules examinations and insures and maintains daily patient flow in an expeditious manner.

Schedules appropriate number(s) of specific exam types, consistent with departmental schedules and the most efficient use of personnel and equipment time.

Questions physicians or secretaries regarding exam, patient history, and/or other relevant information required to determine the correct isotope and dosage for patient delivery - as specified for departmental procedures, indicators, J.C.A.H. and N.R.C. requirements.

Informs secretaries/physicians of specific instructions for the patients to include preparation and expected waiting times. The instructions and/or waiting times are specified per departmental procedure manual.

  1. Order and prepare radioactive isotopes for exam/injection per manufacture's specifications.

Order/Call in exact exam isotope requirements per patient's name, age, size and specify calibration, time needed, with approximate injection time specified. The compliance to these departmental regulations will be complied with 100% accuracy.

Receive shipment of isotopes, calibrate, log in and label for patient dosage as stated in departmental guidelines, vendor guidelines and nuclear regulatory guidelines with 100/% accuracy.

Organize and file receiving data daily for computation of monthly file recording, as specified per departmental radiation safety procedure on a 100% accuracy basis.

  1. Inject radioactive isotopes:

Verify all referral forms and patient identification.

Explains the procedure to be done to all patients with respect to maintaining or creating patient confidence.

Prepares the patient for injection, establishing the best injection site or method as determined by injection procedures of the Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine. Inject appropriate radioactive material with 100% accuracy.

During examination, observe patient's condition and if unusual, report to attending physician, radiologist or other appropriate personnel. In the event that the patient experiences crisis, summon the nearest available help or initiate emergency medical procedures.

  1. Scan - perform exam on the patient: Provides care to patients ranging in age from childhood, through adolescence, adulthood and geriatrics. The technologist must possess the ability to assess the requirements of the patients as they pertain to age, and must perform examinations as defined in Department Policies, in a manner consistent with the patent's age. This responsibility must be performed with no more than 1 verbal warning per year.

Exhibits care and safety of patient undergoing treatment.

Assists patient on or off scanning table; utilizing proper techniques and body mechanics.

Positions camera to begin procedure, exhibiting independent judgment while determining when the anatomy and pathology is optimally visualized.

Records the images visualized during the performance of the exam to provide computer and photographic record of the diagnostic images for presentation to physicians for interpretation. This performance is expected to be optimally considered 100% of the time.

  1. Process films:

Unloads cassettes. Performance of darkroom specified procedures.

Feeds films into the automatic film processor as specified through departmental training.

Reloads imager magazines as required.

  1. Determine completeness of exam:

Shows the films along with the requisition on each patient with all information present for radiologist to interpret.

Dismisses patient, arranges transportation or takes additional films on patient prior to dismissal as directed by the radiologist 100% of the time.

  1. Utilize computer in imaging - manipulation and archiving:

Performs computer analysis of cardiac, renal and lung procedures.

Download archival data within the time frames designated by departmental policy.

  1. Quality control and quality assurance/risk management:

Maintains N.R.C. regulations and procedures per governmental bodies to include state, D.P.H., Radiation Safety Committee and departmental regulations.

Maintains data for N.R.C. and state inspections per N.R.C., state, D.P.H., J.C.A.H. and other regulatory bodies

Maintains equipment survey and performs calibrations of equipment as required per departmental regulations and outside governing body recommendations on a schedule determined by the physics consultant.

Performs area surveys on a scheduled basis as recommended by our departmental physicist, N.R.C. and J.C.A.H. regulations.

Monitor departmental personnel radiation safety records and determine compliance with established procedures to comply with A.L.A.R.A. concepts recommended by our departmental physicist.

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