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Location: Carney Hospital
Posted Date: 9/9/2020

TITLE: Nursing Supervisor



REPORTS TO: (Attach Org Chart if Available): CNO


(Briefly describe the overall purpose of this position - Why does it exist and how does it contribute to the overall organization?)

The Nursing Supervisor is a professional nurse who is responsible for coordination and supervision of patient care

on multiple nursing units and departments on the evening, night and weekend shifts. He/she works closely with

Clinical Managers and others to ensure that high quality, timely service is provided to all patients.


(Use bullets for specific responsibilities)

1.0 Serves as role model, providing clinical direction to staff. Demonstrates expertise in the nursing process

and evaluates care provided by nursing personnel.

1.1 Based on available data from previous shifts, establishes/assesses the delivery of nursing care, identifies problems,

and evaluates the need for improvement for the on-coming shift.

1.2 Ensures that patient care assignments are made in accordance with the qualifications of nursing personnel,

available supervision, patient care requirements and technology required.

1.3 Maintains a high level of visibility by making regular clinical rounds and responding in person to all requests for assistance.

1.4 Assists in maintaining optimum patient flow by personally assessing delays in moving patients. (i.e., out of the E.D.

and/or between units)

1.5 Creates an environment that facilitates the development of clinical skills and leadership potential of nursing staff,

advising and guiding staff through complex clinical/management situations.

1.6 Is accessible to staff and responds in a timely manner to staff requests for assistance/consultation.

1.7 Coordinates all nursing functions during emergency situations, assigning staff and competently executing

identified responsibilities as a member of the emergency team.

1.8 Ensures compliance with Standards of Nursing Practice and regulations affecting nursing set forth by the Board off Registration in Nursing, The Department of Public Health, JCAHO, and others.

  1. Ensures high quality, cost efficient patient care by making appropriate staffing decisions.

2.1 Demonstrates flexibility and a willingness to assist covering vacations, illnesses, etc. for other supervisors. Demonstrates

commitment by being punctual, maintaining flexibility in scheduling.

    1. Collaborates with the off-going Supervisor/Clinical Manager in order to achieve an appropriate nursing staff
    2. skill mix, in response to patient volume and acuity on the off-shifts. Recruits or cancels personnel appropriately.

      2.3 Monitors staffing guides, documenting appropriate changes in time book and according to sick calls and patient acuity.

      2.4 Allocates staff from unit-to-unit as needs for additional skills increase or decrease, adhering to current float policy.

      2.5 Encourages staff to appreciate hospital-wide staffing needs by expecting group determination of floating turns.

      2.6 Assumes fiscal accountability by promoting cost-effective methods of care delivery.

      3.0 Demonstrates responsibility for human resource management within the Nursing Division and the Hospital to achieve high quality patient care, as well as a work environment which promotes harmonious employee relations.

        1. Participates in performance appraisal process for nursing staff and others on appropriate shifts. Coordinates assessments
        2. with appropriate Clinical Manager, determining appropriate goals/disciplinary action when needed.

          3.2 Initiates and documents disciplinary action within Carney Hospital policy and procedure whenever immediate

          disciplinary action must be taken.

          3.3 Encourages staff feedback and suggestions with regard to enhancing the quality of the work environment and

          patient care.

          3.4 Empowers staff on all units to function as effective interdependent teams.

          3.5 Identifies staff learning needs and collaborates with Clinical Managers and Nursing Education Coordinator

          to assure that learning needs are met.

          3.6 Attends unit staff meetings, as invited, to discuss shift-specific issues and problems.

          3.7 Serves as major communication liaison between staff and appropriate manager/director/administrator.

          Functions as the on-site hospital representative accountable for coordinating the operational/administrative activities required for the smooth functioning of the Hospital on the evening, night and weekend shifts.

          4.1 Appropriately assesses need for Administrative consultation and referral for ethical/legal dilemmas and other issues on

          assigned shifts.

          4.2 Assures the Hospital on-call Administrator is alerted of any major crisis. (i.e., fire, bomb, disaster, etc.)

            1. Notifies public relations when appropriate.
            2. 4.4 Makes immediate administrative decisions in the interest of patient care and alerts the Clinical Manager and Director

              of Nursing as needed.

              4.5 Interprets Hospital, division, and unit policies to staff, patients, significant others and community in a consistent

              manner, facilitating compliance.

              4.6 Investigates and follows-up on incidents, complaints, problems and policy violations. Takes appropriate

              corrective action with follow-up as necessary and provides documentation and feedback to involved parties and

              Administration within reasonable timeframe.

              1. Functions as a member of the Nursing Leadership Team. Plans and directs Nursing Division activities on the evening/night and weekend shifts in order to comply with established policies and procedures and to achieve divisional goals and objectives.

              5.1 Works collaboratively and cooperatively with the Clinical Managers consistently sharing pertinent and critical

              information necessary to facilitate successful unit management.

              5.2 Actively and openly supports the decisions and efforts of the Carney Hospital Nursing Leadership Team. Brings

              questions and concerns to the appropriate personnel when they arise.

              5.3 Offers suggestions for problem resolution, encourages a positive work environment and identifies a need for change

              5.4 Attends 50% of Leadership meetings and participates in committees, task forces and ad hoc committees as indicated.

              5.5 Is receptive to innovation and change. Supports and participates in the development and implementation

              of planned change and activities designed to improve the services provided by the Nursing Division.

              5.6 Promotes productive interpersonal relationships among the various departments to achieve quality patient care.

              5.7 Facilitates precepting and orientation activities planned by the Clinical Managers or Educator for the

              off-shifts. Provides feedback of progress through observation and input from orientees and preceptors.

                1. Assists with Quality Improvement projects/activities for the Nursing Division.
                2. 5.9 Provides for professional development of staff by ensuring that staff meet mandatory in-services (CPR, Fire/Safety and Infection Control)

                  5.10 Acts in a manner consistent with the Absence From Work policy. Arrives at workstation, at scheduled time, prepare to work.

                  5.11 Adheres to all safety regulations. Completes all mandated orientation regarding Carney Hospital Safety, JCAHO,

                  Hazardous Communications, OSHA and Blood Borne Pathogen Regulations.

                  5.12 Shows 100% compliance with all safety, life safety and equipment management programs in order to maintain a

                  functionally safe environment for all patients, personnel an visitors as required by JCAHO or any regulatory agencies.

                  5.13 Adheres to the Hospital and departmental dress codes, according to policy, with no more then one formal warning

                  per year.

                  6.0 Establishes and maintains interdisciplinary communication and cooperation. Promotes a positive image of the Nursing Division and Carney Hospital through effective interaction with patients, visitors, physicians, community and the public.

                  6.1 Interacts with staff in a manner that encourages staff members to demonstrate courtesy and cooperation in daily


                  6.2 Interacts with patients and families in a sensitive manner.

                  6.3 Promotes productive interpersonal relationships among the various departments to achieve quality patient care.

                    1. Identifies and deals appropriately with dysfunctional communication styles exhibited by personnel, visitors and/or
                    2. patients.

                      1. Demonstrates commitment to personal career growth and development.

                      7.1 Participates in professional organizations.

                        1. Participates in management and clinical workshops.
                        2. 7.3 Maintains clinical currency and competency in related areas from infancy to elder care, in order to provide clinical

                          direction to ensure safe, effective patient care in accordance with Nursing Standards and Nursing Process.

                          7.4 Attends mandatory hospital in-services (CPR, Fire/Safety, and Infection Control), mandatory Safety Education Topics,

                          and maintains unit specific competency.

                          7.5 Demonstrates effective oral and written communication skills.

                            1. Participate in own performance appraisal by identifying own strengths, weaknesses and goals.
                              • Demonstrates respect and regard for the dignity of all patients, families, visitors, and fellow employees to ensure a professional, responsible, and courteous environment.

                              1. Commits to recognize and respect cultural diversity for all customers (internal and external).

                              2. Communicates effectively with internal and external customers with respect of differences in cultures, values, beliefs and ages, utilizing interpreters when needed.

                              • Performs other duties as assigned


                (Examples: Ability to work independently and take initiative; Good judgment and problem solving skills; Communication skills; Interpersonal and organizational skills; Level of confidentiality)

                The Nursing Supervisor must be able to demonstrate the clinical knowledge and skills necessary to

                oversee the provision of care to patients ranging in age from infancy to geriatrics.


                Education: The Nursing Supervisor must be a graduate of an accredited program in nursing and hold a BS/BSN degree.

                MS preferred.

                Experience (Type & Length): 5 years Staff Nurse experience including Charge Nurse responsibilities. Leadership experience required. Certification/Licensure: RN, BLS/ACLS

                1. Software/Hardware:
                2. Other:

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