Job Description

Pathology Grossing Position

Copath Experience Preferred

Previous Grossing Experience Required

Grossing of most Pathology cases, including gross descriptions, accessioning, and other registration/clinical info input.

Processing, setup, and distribution of all pathology work across Steward Pathology labs.
Autopsy not performed.


Under the technical supervision of a Pathologist and Administrative supervisor of the Laboratory Manager, responsibilities encompass assisting the Pathologists in the grossing of human surgical specimens. Also included in the position is assistance with postmortem examinations as needed. The PA will prepare materials for use at pathology conferences upon request and maintain records of tissue and other QA/QC parameters.



Assist in the preparation and performance of postmortem examinations which includes:

  • Ascertain if proper and legal authorization for necropsy has been obtained in case of error or question, initiate procedure to obtain proper authorization, and in applicable cases, notify state medical examiner.
  • Arrange and coordinate patient chart information and other pertinent patient data for review with the pathologist.
  • Confer with the pathologist to identify any special techniques or procedures which will be necessary and notify all personnel who are directly involved.
  • Notify the physician in charge, the funeral home and all other authorities prior to beginning the dissection.
  • Coordinate special requests for specimen sampling i.e. organ transplant team, research, etc.,
  • Assist the pathologist in the postmortem prosection, including the external examination, in situ organ inspection, evisceration, dissection and dictation or recording of data such as organ weights, presence of body fluids, gross anatomical findings, etc.,
  • In collaboration with the pathologist, select and prepare tissue sections for microscopic examination to include the preparation of frozen and permanent sections for light, electron, and immunoflourescent microscopy.
  • Obtain biological specimens for analysis and perform special techniques as directed by the pathologist.
  • Photograph body, organs, slides and other pertinent items.
  • Prepare preliminary summary of the clinical history for the pathologist.
  • Assist the pathologist in the preliminary anatomic diagnosis or PAD.
  • Assure proper restoration of the body for acceptable release to the funeral director. Indicate on the toe tag, if a biohazardous condition exists such as contagion of disease, radioactive implants, etc.
  • Responsible for assuring the completion of the autopsy protocol, correct coding and filing of protocols and reports, filing photographic and microscopic slides and maintenance of other anatomical pathology reports and data.
  • Assist in the organization and coordination of anatomical pathology conferences.
  • Responsible for assuring proper maintenance of equipment, adequate supplies and cleanliness of the autopsy suite.


Assist in the preparation and performance of surgical specimen examinations which include:

  • Assure appropriate specimen accessioning and numbering of all surgical specimens.
  • Obtain clinical history including scans, X-rays, etc. when indicated.
  • Assist the pathologist to describe gross anatomic features, dissect surgical specimens and prepare tissue for microscopic examination to include the preparation of light, electron and immunoflourescent microscopy.
  • Obtain biological specimens for analysis and perform special techniques as directed by the pathologist.
  • Photograph all pertinent specimens and microscopic slides.
  • Assure correct coding and filing of surgical protocols and reports, filing photographic and microscopic slides and maintenance of other anatomical reports and data.
  • Assure proper maintenance of equipment, adequate supply inventory, and cleanliness of the surgical pathology suite.
  • Assist in the organization and coordination of anatomic pathology conferences.
  • Assist, initiate, institute, and/or accomplish certain specialized procedures or duties as designated by the Chief of Pathology and Laboratory Director, including continuing education lectures, supervisory and teaching responsibilities, and any other additional responsibilities assigned by the laboratory administration team.
  • Ensures compliance of all federal, state and local regulations and other regulatory agencies (CAP, JCAHO, FDA, etc.) policies.
  • Maintains procedure manuals.
  • Develops and performs QA monitors to assure continued safe practices
  • Involves other departments in project planning and implementation
  • Supports others in the department and provides help and assistance when possible
  • Regularly attends and participates in team and or departmental meetings and activities.
  • Keeps others in the department informed of relevant information.
  • Regularly offers and requests constructive feedback and coaching.
  • Establishes and maintains effective working relations.
  • Welcomes patients/customers/employees in a warm, friendly manner.
  • Actively listens and constructively responds to questions and concerns in a tijmely manner.
  • Ensures that the dignity of the patient/customer/employee is maintained at all times
  • Abides by and upholds the hospital’s service excellence standards.
  • Respects the diversity of the patient/customer/employee population.
  • Demonstrates safe and effective use of equipment.


Management of Time and Resources:

  • Completes work assignments within an acceptable time frame.
  • Uses time and resources to the best possible advantage for successful completion of job responsibilities.
  • Develops and maintains efficient working relationships.
  • Is reliable in respect to attendance.
  • Is Reliable in respect to punctuality.
  • Recognizes the importance of team efforts and partners with others to achieve positive outcomes.



  • Is part of a team effort to insure quality services.
  • Offers creative solutions or alternatives to issues or concerns.
  • Produces quality results.
  • Continually strives to improve the quality of work.

Accepts responsibility for all work performed and takes appropriate corrective action as needed.



  • Is cooperative in interactions, treating customers with courtesy, respect and compassion.
  • Is patient when responding to questions and answers questions appropriately.
  • Responds to requests in a timely manner.
  • Handles interruptions in a skillful way.
  • Maintains a professional appearance and demeanor.
  • Strives to prevent/resolve customer concerns to the customer’s satisfaction.



  • Is responsible for ongoing development of his/her work skills through the use of available resources (i.e.: in-services, formal educational programs, other work groups and on-the-job training).
  • Attends and participates in staff meetings and in-services and/or reviews documentation as required.
  • Assists in the orientation of others and actively participates in mentoring.
  • Performs analytical and decision making functions with minimal supervision.
  • Recognizes and seeks assistance/consultation when appropriate.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of relative Hospital and all-departmental policies and procedures including safety issues.
  • Possesses awareness of programs/services provided by Hospital and where they are located




Required Qualifications:

  • MS, Anatomic Pathology, or equivalent education or experience


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