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Location: Carney Hospital
Posted Date: 4/26/2024
Job Type: Per Diem
Department: 0401.54100 CARN Pharmacy
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Under the direction of the Pharmacy Director and supervision of a pharmacist. Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in preparing and distributing medications and maintaining the drug inventory. Prepares and repackages unit dose medication, following established protocols and guidelines. Follows all Pharmacy Department established policies and procedures

Delivers and refills Schedule II through VI medication for the automated dispensing machines. The certified pharmacy technician will be able to pick orders for Pyxis. Will check and refill orders for Schedule IV medication. Schedule II through V medication are dispensed by a registered pharmacist and delivered by a certified pharmacy technician. Prepares and prepackages unit dose medication, following established protocols and guidelines.

Working under the day-to-day supervision of the pharmacists and Pharmacy Leadership, the technician is responsible for the proper handling of medications. This includes but is not limited to receiving, distribution, management of expiration dates, management of inventory in Pyxis, storage, repackaging, compounding, filling orders, delivering, and stocking. Additional and ongoing demonstration of intermediate skills in the practice of pharmacy as defined below are required. The job requires excellent communication skills and a desire to work in a fast-paced environment.



A. Procures and distributes medication orders per pharmacist request, or

pre-arranged work assignment according to established policies, procedures, and protocols.

1. Fill’s medication orders, medication surgical kits, medication carts, Pyxis machines and stock requisitions accurately.

2. Replenishes medications in emergency crash carts or floor stock areas accurately.

3, Prepares intravenous admixtures or other sterile products (including chemotherapy) accurately.

4, Delivers medications and supplies to patient care and ancillary areas accurately per established


5. Receives labels and orders, and can accurately select proper drug, dosage form and strength

6. Accurately retrieves medications from ADC fill list

7. Neatly organizes filled meds for checking.

8. Accurately retrieves medications as requested at the window

9. Properly refills trays and kits including but not limited to: Code Trays, STEMI kits, anaphylaxis kits, “tackle boxes” in preparation for pharmacist to check.

10. Accurately fills OR Machines

11. Performs routine rounds to patient care areas and units in timely manner

12. Delivers meds to proper location including but not limited to: ADC, Med Room or a nurse if requested.

13.Updates machines with current date for drug

14.Outdates meds in ADC at each delivery to machine

15.Returns meds from the floors when need

16. Understands process of loading and unloading

17. Fills ADC accurately by consistent use of scanner when required

18. Loads meds in a neat precise manner without overfilling pocket

19. Can trouble shoot minor equipment issues with ADC

20. Can reboot equipment as needed

21. Understands the importance of excellent record keeping, accuracy and handoffs when dealing with Controlled Substances.

22. Immediately reports any concerns/discrepancies of Controlled Substances 2-5 to pharmacist or supervisor

23. ADC maintenance

24. Knowledge of inventory optimization

25. Knowledge of minor KPI’s

26. Knowledge of how to repair/replace/swap out drawers

B. Maintains adequate stock of medications and supplies according to established

policies and procedures.

1. Assists in ordering, receiving, unpacking, and storing pharmaceuticals and supplies in

appropriate locations.

2. Receives order from wholesaler, scans in delivery, properly inventories/stickers delivery to ensure all items are received.

3. Confirms that each med is “scannable”. Involves pharmacist when appropriate

4. Helps to maintain proper stock levels of drugs, supplies, and solutions by Informing in writing, the need for an item when it is getting low

5. Rotates stock to ensure use before expiration date.

6. Identifies and replaces outdated and unusable drugs.

7. Restocks medication and IV dispensing areas.

8. Prepackages bulk medications in unit dose packages.

C. Contributes to the effective operation of the department.

1. Picks up orders, requisitions, and medications for return from patient care areas when on

delivery rounds.

2. Enters charges and credits for patient medications accurately.

3. Generates reports, pick lists, and labels as required.

4. Answers the telephone, identifying self and department. Directs calls to appropriate personnel.

5. Answers requests at the window and makes stat deliveries to patient care areas when requested.

6. Comply with chapter 797 monitoring standards.

7. Complies with all State and Federal rules, regulations and laws which govern the practice of pharmacy.

D. Compounding: Complies with all USP 797 and ASHP qualifications/competencies

1. Performs calculations for dosing, unit conversions, admixture volumes

2. Prepares clean room and sterile products area for daily use

3. Follows clean room policies and procedures

4. Prepares low and medium risk sterile and non-sterile compounds

5. Complies with Universal precautions and uses Aseptic technique when compounding

6. Excellent Med Keeper skills

7. Full understanding of Pestle

E. Hazardous Medication

1. Complies with all USP 800 policies and competencies

F. Organizes and prioritizes work assignments.

1. Maintains logs, records, and other required documentation accurately. Files documentation in

appropriate locations.

2. Demonstrates good oral and written communication.

3. Keeps pharmacy areas clean, neat, and well-organized. Keeps pharmacy equipment clean.

G. Participates in the quality improvement activities of the department.

1. Completes and documents all assigned medication storage area inspections at least monthly.

Identifies and replaces outdated and unusable drugs.

2. Collects data, conducts quality monitors, and completes documentation as assigned.

3. Keeps all area of pharmacy clean

4. Responsible for the daily accurate documentation of logs including but not limited to: refrigerators, hood cleaning, eye wash

5. Reports any omissions or errors

H. Maintains competence required for current job title/position.

1. Maintains current technician certification.

2. Attends pharmacy staff meetings.

3. Participates in orientation, education, and training programs. Reviews literature and other

materials as assigned.

4. Completes all competence/skills assessment requirements.

I. Inventory Management

1. Checks expiration dates in and outside the department

2. Credits and debits patients in Meditech if meds reordered or returned

3. Resolves missing medication issues

4.Performs monthly floor inspections to ensure integrity of medications on the units and in patient care areas.

5. Ensures all medications are properly labeled

6. Properly disposes of medications, hazardous substances, sharps

7. Properly identifies and returns expired meds eligible for credit

8. Assists in semi-annual inventory activities as needed

J. Communication

1. Uses exceptional customer service skills/communication to resolve issues

2. Answers phones and triages phone calls that need a pharmacist

3. Communicates well with nursing and other staff outside of the pharmacy department

K. Professionalism

1. Maintains a high degree of professionalism within and outside the department

2. Maintains excellent working relationships with others

3. Dresses professionally or in scrubs

4. Maintains a neat, clean, and organized work area

5. Represents the Department of Pharmacy and acts as liaison if needed when outside the department

6. Complies with HIPAA policies

7. Supports the training of new staff

8. Manages time effectively and prioritizes accordingly

9. Written and oral communication skills

10. Basic math needed for compounding

11. Ability to work in a team environment

12. Ability to problem solve

13. Ability to provide a high level of customer service to patient’s visitors and staff

L. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Career Ladder Criteria:

  • Performs Hazardous Compounding
  • Performs batch sterility tests
  • Monitors at least one Key Performance Indicator or produces at least one Key Process Improvement
  • Assists in revising training materials
  • Demonstrates Intermediate skill performance by performing at least one of the following
    • Intermediate Purchasing Skills
    • Decentralized Pharmacy Services
    • Medication Histories
    • ADC optimization


(Examples: Ability to work independently and take initiative; Good judgment and problem-solving skills; Communication skills; Interpersonal and organizational skills; Level of confidentiality)

  1. Good organizational and communication skills required.


Satisfies requirements as pharmacist intern license

Existing staff prior to 2015 will be allowed exception on a historical level

Registered with the Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy as a pharmacy intern

Is responsible for maintaining licensure and State registration as required

Is responsible for completing all educational modules including but not limited to: Steward University within dept time frame

Performs Gloved fingertip and media fill test as required

High School Diploma or Equivalent.

Hospital Pharmacy experience is preferred

Computer literacy

Meditech and Pyxis experience a plus

  1. Involves other departments in project planning and implementation.
  2. Supports others in the Pharmacy department and provides help and assistance when possible.
  3. Stays current with corporate mandatory education programs
  4. Keeps others in the department informed of relevant information.
  5. Regularly offers and requests constructive feedback and coaching.
  6. Establishes and maintains effective working relations.
  1. SERVICE EXCELLENCE (both internal and external)
  1. Welcomes patients/customers/employees in a warm, friendly manner.
  2. Actively listens and constructively responds to questions and concerns in a timely manner.
  3. Ensures that the dignity of the patient/customer/employee is always maintained.
  4. Abides by and upholds the hospital’s service excellence standards.
  5. Respects the diversity of the patient/customer/employee population.
  6. Demonstrates safe and effective use of equipment. (Meditech, Pyxis, fax, copier, software programs)



  1. Ability to work other weekend if needed
  2. Holiday rotation required.
  3. Ability to work 4 shifts per month if needed

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