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Location: Nashoba Valley Medical Center
Posted Date: 10/14/2021

At Steward Health Care System, we are committed to improving the health of our communities by delivering exceptional, personalized behavioral health care with dignity, compassion and respect. Our continued focus on the patient experience informs our caregivers in how to provide care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient and family preferences, needs and values.

We dedicate ourselves in the communities we serve to delivering affordable health care to all and being responsible partners. No matter what your role, as a member of the Steward family, you are a specialist in the making every patient and family feel right at home, every co-worker a key to our success, and every referring practice, a team of prized colleagues.

In support of this, we commit ourselves to the following values:






If you are seeking a fast-paced, challenging position in an organization committed to achieving and maintaining a standard of excellence in all we do, our organization may be a good fit for you.


The Radiologic Technologist is responsible for the administration of ionizing radiation for diagnostic, therapeutic or research purposes. A radiographer performs radiographic procedures at the request of and for interpretation by a licensed practitioner. Radiography integrates scientific knowledge, technical competence and patient interaction skills to provide safe and accurate procedures with the highest regard to all aspects of patient care. The Radiologic Technologist recognizes patient conditions that are essential for the successful completion of the procedure. Must remain sensitive to the needs of the patient through good communication, patient assessment, patient monitoring and patient care skills. As members of the health care team, Radiologic Technologists participate in quality improvement processes and continually assess their professional performance. Must think critically and use independent, professional and ethical judgment in all aspects of their work. Engages in continuing education to include their area of practice to enhance patient care, public education, knowledge and technical competence.


  • Verify that examination is ordered and signed by authorized licensed practitioner
  • Verifies patient identification/checks armband
  • Responsible for the care and safety of patients undergoing treatment and use of equipment to minimize hazards of electric shock, burns and extraneous radiation to patients.
  • Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors.
  • Uses appropriate personal protective equipment (gloves, mask, gowns, eye shields)
  • Demonstrates ability to use all secondary equipment such as suction, oxygen and monitoring devices
  • Receiving, relaying and documenting verbal, written and electronic orders in the patient’s medical record.
  • Corroborating a patient's clinical history with procedure and ensuring information is documented and available for use by a licensed practitioner.
  • Preparing patients for procedures.
  • Applying principles of ALARA to minimize exposure to patient, self and others.
  • Evaluating images for technical quality and ensuring proper identification is recorded.
  • Identifying and responding to emergency situations.
  • Providing education
  • Knowledge of pre and post procedures scheduling and follow up calls
  • Identifies procedure to be performed/checks chart for order
  • Verifies pertinent clinical history and reason for the exam
  • Verifies the equipment is operational
  • Provide a clean and orderly work area
  • Obtains appropriate supplies and equipment for exam
  • Ensures proper patient attire for the procedure (changed for the exam), remove all objects that may compromise the quality of the image
  • Responsible for safe handling of equipment and image receptors and DR Plates.
  • Instructs and prepares patients for examinations.
  • Determines most suitable anatomical posture and positions and shields patients accordingly.
  • Informs patient of the need to touch prior to touching
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the use of radiation protection for all examinations
  • Making sure proper collimation
  • Demonstrate knowledge of anatomy
  • Maintains patient dignity and modesty through proper gowning and covering of patient
  • Knowledge and performs QC daily
  • Evaluates images for technical quality, proper identification, correctness of marker use and uses sound judgment to take additional images if necessary
  • Able to assess patient pain interfering with imaging procedure - makes appropriate physician contact for intervention.
  • Understands and practices proper use of all equipment; never operates equipment inconsistent with manufacturer's instruction.
  • Confirms consent is obtained if needed and all pre-procedure guidelines are followed (time out, labeled medication, ride home)
  • Demonstrates knowledge of proper use of contrast media both oral and IV
  • Prepares room for special procedures including sterile tray set up
  • Practices medical and surgical aseptic procedures.
  • Documents pregnancy query on all females in child bearing years (between 12 and 50 years of age)
  • Being able to select a patient from a work list using a variety of selection methods, i.e. based on Accession Number, Patient ID or Name.
  • Perform basic window width/level, shutter, orientation changes, add software markers
  • Basic troubleshooting to identify whether it is a modality, PACS, RIS issue
  • Use of lead markers on images-electronic annotations must include technologist initials
  • Images acquired and displayed correctly (hanging protocols)
  • Assists in maintaining basic records and reports.
  • Assists in training of students and ancillary personnel.
  • Assists with working additional shifts as needed.
  • Interacts professionally with patient/family.
  • Completes all work before clocking out and leaving. This includes checking with nurses’ stations.
  • Takes appropriate calls according to monthly schedule after the closing of the regular department hours.
  • Is acquainted with fire and safety regulations.
  • Has knowledge of hospital policies-where and how to access polices
  • Provides care appropriate to condition and age of the patient, including pediatric, geriatric and general population
  • Appropriate entering/editing and charges into the Meditech system
  • Print images in case of emergency/downtime
  • Ensures aprons, tables, fluoro unit etc. are cleaned after use
  • Work independently and directly with the Radiologist regarding protocols and any special procedures

BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS - It is our responsibility to treat all of our customers (patients, families, physicians, co-workers, and outside contacts) with courtesy, dignity, respect and professionalism. The following is an assessment of your performance relative to each of these expectations.

  • Welcome and/or greet customers in a professional, polite and respectful way. Assists customers with finding their way. Makes eye contact; introduces self and explains purpose, when appropriate.
  • Assists people with finding proper resources for problem resolution.
  • Listens carefully; does not interrupt; gives people full attention.
  • Respects privacy and dignity. Respects individual and cultural differences
  • Uses a professional and respectful tone. Does not make disparaging remarks about others.
  • Respects other people’s time and priorities.
  • Discusses confidential or sensitive information about customers, employees, or hospital business only with those having a valid need to know, and does so privately, never in public places.
  • Responds in a timely manner to requests for help. Responds to customers’ needs and provides prompt service. Provides a time frame for providing services and explains any delays. If unable to provide service, finds someone who can assist.
  • Adapts easily when plans or situations change. Supportive of and appropriately responsive to change.
  • Invites questions and comments
  • Communicates with clarity and professionalism both orally and in writing.
  • Keeps people informed while resolving issues or getting answers to questions.
  • Takes responsibility for improving processes and systems; looks for new and better ways of doing things
  • Participates openly, honestly shares opinions, and looks for new and better ways of doing things. Demonstrates a willingness to accept assignments in a positive manner
  • Maintains positive working relationships with co-workers and all customers. Works as a member of the team; performs duties in a way that makes it easier for others to perform theirs.
  • Avoids personal conversations with co-workers when providing patient care or other customer service. Demonstrates a professional attitude toward co-workers and customers.
  • Makes no inappropriate or negative comment about patients, co-workers, physicians, and any aspect of Nashoba Valley Medical Center while in the presence or within hearing of an internal or external customer. Does not initiate conflict and takes measures to ensure that conflict does not occur.
  • Demonstrates pride in Nashoba Valley Medical Center by keeping areas clean and safe. Limits eating, drinking and to designated areas and only during approved times.
  • Complies with organizational policies regarding ethical business practices.
  • Demonstrates ongoing responsibility and commitment to the job through attendance and punctuality in relation to stated work hours.
  • Accepts responsibility for the outcome of decisions. Learns from criticism, is open to new ideas and makes appropriate changes.
  • Follows professional telephone guidelines.


  • Must demonstrate an understanding of human anatomy, physiology, pathology and medical terminology.
  • Must maintain a high degree of accuracy in radiographic positioning and exposure technique. They must possess, apply Knowledge of radiation protection and safety.


  • Appropriate primary certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, ARRT.
  • Current BLS certification.
  • Massachusetts Radiologic Technologist License-DPH, Radiation control program

Additional Information

Steward Health Care is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer. Steward Health Care does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression or any other non-job-related characteristics.

Please note, Nashoba Valley Medical Center is taking additional, necessary preparations to ensure patients can receive compassionate care in a safe, carefully managed environment - with confidence and without fear. Our Safe and Ready program consists of a rigorous [five-point] standard ensuring patient safety, confidence and convenience: Expanded hours will allow previously cancelled procedures to be scheduled as quickly as possible. Any COVID-19 related care takes place in designated areas away from other patients and their families. Emergency Departments are reorganized to be a safe place to treat all emergency patients. A stringent cleaning policy has been implemented throughout the hospital. A strictly controlled visitor and masking policy is required for patient safety. You can rest assured that we have made the necessary preparations to provide care in a safe, controlled and professional way.

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